1:1 Power Session


Get the clarity and peace of mind you deserve with a custom pregnancy or post-birth success plan, so that you can spend more time resting, healing, and bonding with your baby!


One powerful call can change the trajectory of your postpartum experience.

“Serena’s help with breastfeeding and suggestions with breastfeeding were game changers. I am no longer in any pain- she seriously was a life savior!”- Ashley

Serena is this gifted fairy godmother that knows exactly what to say to you on every call while holding your hand to ease you into the healing process of motherhood.” – Vera

“Working with Serena has undoubtedly changed my entire life. Not only has she helped me heal my adrenal fatigue and postpartum anxiety, she’s has helped me realize my bigger dreams as a mom!”- Lauren

1:1 Power Session (90 Minutes)

A personalized, all-inclusive pregnancy and postpartum mentoring session

Create Your Pregnancy or Post-Birth Success Plan:

+ An initial consult form
+ A in depth 90 minute virtual session
+ Your recording to have for life

Hi, I’m Dr. Rosa:

I am a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, a Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula, a Certified Lactation Counselor, and I hold a Doctorate degree in Nursing. My research focuses on postpartum healing through a holistic lens.

I specializes in helping pregnant and postpartum people heal mentally, physically and emotionally after childbirth.

My work results in clients reducing fear around labor, lovingly healing their bodies, finding successful breastfeeding and sleeping routines, and learning to thrive as a mother.

In this powerful 1:1 call together we will create an individualized care plan and I will support you in achieving your goals. We will determine which areas of your fertility, pregnancy or postpartum journey warrant most attention. I will use a holistic medical approach and mindfulness teachings, with an evidence-based underpinning, in order to support your every step of the way.

I will break down EXACTLY how to master your fertility/pregnancy/postpartum. I will cover the biggest things you need to know to effectively reach your goals, find rest and healing, and create your personal dream experience! The end result- a pregnancy or postpartum blueprint that’s powerful and transformative!

Results include:

+ Breastfeeding Success
+ Decrease stress and anxiety
+ Release of limiting beliefs
+ Increase libido
+ Healthy baby sleep patterns
+ Happier, healthier you!

Price: $333- includes an initial consult form, an in-depth 90 minutes session, and a copy of the recorded call.


Session can be used for yourself, or gifted to someone who is currently seeking pregnancy, pregnant, or postpartum. All sales final. Once purchased you will be able to book your call directly on Dr. Rosa’s schedule.

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Client Love

During my first few weeks postpartum, I struggled with pain while nursing and felt defeated.

With Serena’s advice, both professional & personal, we worked together to get me feeling better. 7 months out, I’m still nursing!

Kate M.

Serena was a steady, calm, presence during one of the most challenging times of my life.

Her support and responsiveness were exactly what I needed and I’m forever grateful for her.

Ashley R.

I worked with Serena for both lactation and postpartum support.

She is always so positive and helpful in her support, and I couldn’t enjoy working with her more through my pregnancy and fourth trimester. She was easily accessible and made all my questions and concerns feel heard. Thank you Serena!”

Jensine R.

Serena is experienced, knowledgeable and empathetic.

She really understands all the emotional and physical changes a new baby brings. Serena’s guidance helped turn around my breastfeeding journey from a daily struggle to one of the most rewarding, enjoyable parts of motherhood. I simply would not have survived my first few months postpartum without Serena!

Katie C.

Serena was an amazing support when I gave birth to my baby

She had great breastfeeding advice and troubleshooting tips and was helpful with the transition to the postpartum period. She helped me feel empowered and confident as a new parent and I’d highly recommend her. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable right away!

Jahna K.