Postpartum of Ease Mentorship Program

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An elite and transformative group mentorship program + private mentorship sessions


Closure- Releasing What No Longer Serves You

  • Learning how to “Mother” Yourself
  • Letting Go of The Old, Creating The New
  • Healing Flight and Fight, Grounding in Peace and Ease and Regulating Adrenal Fatigue
  • Trauma Release Exercises


Mastering the Strategy for Newborn Care

  • Releasing Fear Around Labor And Delivery
  • Breathing, pushing and labor and Delivery Hypnosis
  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Guide to Postpartum Healing
  • Gentle Newborn Sleep
  • Breastfeeding Foundations




Stepping into the Parent You Want to Be

  • How to call in more time, money and energy into your life
  • Sex Rooted in Desire, Pleasure & Connection.
  • Neurosculpting and Evidence-Based Mindfulness Practices for Increasing Confidence
  • Shifting Out Of Emotional Eating and Yo Yo Dieting


Finding Rest and Ease in Your Life

  • Productive Parenting, How to Release Anxiety Around Time
  • Restorative Yoga For Healing Your Body
  • Surrendering To Your Manifestations
  • Becoming Stability

A mentorship program designed to change the way you birth and recover

When I was working in healthcare as a women’s health nurse practitioner, my biggest responsibility was to listen and evaluate patient symptoms, so that I could identify an underlying cause. Rather than just slapping a quick fix on a symptom, treating the root cause was always the stronger way to healing.

Being a postpartum mentor is exactly the same. My clients often come to me because they want to learn how to breastfeed, help their baby sleep through the night, or lose the “baby weight”. Sometimes they come to me for a birthing plan, or a plan on how to go back to work.

I listen.

And 10/10 times, struggling to breastfeed, not being able to sleep through the night, not feeling a lot of dread about the prospect of going back to work, all of these things are just symptoms.

Because just solving the breastfeeding issue is not going to actually create the feeling you desire. Just losing the weight is not the complete solution to getting you to the feeling you desire.

Something else then may come along (weaning, teething, sleep regression, etc.) and until you shift and feel safe as a mother and know that your being is fully supporting your child, even when things are not perfect, you will continue to feel the symptoms of your underlying, root cause.

So, what is at the root of these symptoms?

Not being able to feel abundance, wherever you are in the motherhood journey

Particularly when you are experiencing scarcity, feeling abundance around you can be incredibly difficult.

The treatment?

Investing in yourself.

Investing in yourself is abundance in its own right. It’s part of stepping into a way of being fully served and having your needs fully met.

If you’re reading this and believing that someone else should meet your needs, you are further reinforcing your needs not being met. Let me say that again. If you are waiting for someone else to meet your needs, you are not meeting your own needs. And the inner narrative will become something like this: “My needs are not met. I’m not going to meet my own needs, someone else should meet my needs, but ohhh look, my needs are still not met.”

Rather, when you invest in yourself, you are saying to yourself “I will get you the help you need so that then, you’re completely available for the transformation”. And as a natural consequence, the abundance is available for you then as well.

The Postpartum of Ease Mentorship (POEM) was created through a unique mythology which has been able to support hundreds of clients achieve their postpartum transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who is planning to become pregnant, currently pregnant, or in postpartum. Postpartum can include any amount of time after delivering a baby.

What time are the sessions?

As soon as you join POEM, you will have access to your personalized portal that will have all of your self-pace learning material.

Our Q&A soul alignment sessions are live on Friday from 12:00-1:00 PM EST. If you cannot attend, you can still submit your questions and receive the recording.

What if I am choosing not to breastfeed?

Although breastfeeding education is a huge passion of mine, it takes place in only one of the modules. If you are choosing not to breastfeed, no problem. There is still an immense amount of content for your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Can my partner join the mentorship program?

If you would like, your partner is more than welcome to join the modules where I will be teaching strategy.

The nature of the mentorship program is deeply intimate and personally tailored to the birthing parent. For this reason, I kindly ask that only the birthing parent submit questions and join our soul alignment sessions for their personal healing.  Of course, you can always share with your partner anything that you discovered, you retain information better if you repeat it to someone else! It’s always up to you how much you share. Healing can be a very intimate journey and we honor a safe space for our practice.

When can I schedule my 1:1 sessions with you?

Once enrolled in the POEM program, you will receive 3 private 1-hour mentorship sessions with me. You will have access to my calendar availability and can schedule these at any time within 3 months of enrolling. During these sessions, we can work through any topic you would like to discuss and create a personalized soul strategy.


What is the cost of the mentorship program?

I believe in connecting first so that we may understand if we are the right fit for each other and I may explain the value of the program. Once we are clear on the fit feeling right, I will give you proper context as well as the investment rate options.

This Program is for you if you are looking to

  • Release limiting beliefs around birthing and parenting.
  • Learn the skills to successfully breastfeed.
  • Learn how to support your child to sleep through the night.
  • Improve sexual mood and energy.
  • Have a thriving support system during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Release inner traumas so you can parent with confidence.
  • Practice self-care and self-compassion.
  • Implement evidence-based mindfulness practices.
  • Nourish yourself and balance your hormones.
  • Feel confident and take the fear out of labor and delivery