Pregnancy & Postpartum  1:1 Couple's Sessions


Empowering your journey through parenthood, relationships, and intimacy, so that you can spend more time resting, healing and bonding with each other. These powerful private sessions will change the trajectory of your postpartum experience!


What To Expect

Transition to Parenthood. Pregnancy and Postpartum couple session offers a safe space for new parents to discuss the multifaceted journey of parenthood. Dr. Rosa will provide expert advice and practical tools to help you:

  • Develop routines and strategies for better sleep and postpartum healing for both parents and baby.
  • Understand the evolving dynamics of family roles and responsibilities- including how to hold boundaries with other family members.
  • Manage postpartum emotions and changes in identity.

Couples Therapy & Communication. Strengthen your partnership and foster deeper communication with your significant other. This session will help you:

  • Navigate and resolve conflicts with effective communication techniques.
  • Reconnect and align on shared goals as new parents.
  • Establish a supportive environment that nurtures both partners.

Libido, Sex & Intimacy. Addressing changes in intimacy during pregnancy and postpartum, this session provides a compassionate and open dialogue about:

  • Understanding and accepting physical changes that impact intimacy.
  • Working through emotional and psychological barriers to intimacy.
  • Strategies for rekindling and maintaining a satisfying intimate relationship.

You Will Receive:

Customized Support: Each session is tailored to your specific needs, whether you're seeking advice on newborn care, postpartum healing, need help strengthening your relationship, or want to enhance your intimate life.

Expert Guidance: Led by Dr. Rosa, a trusted specialist with years of experience in postpartum care, relationship therapy, and sexual health.

Empowering Environment: Our sessions offer a judgment-free space where you can share openly and receive empathetic, expert support.

Hi I'm Dr. Rosa!

I am an OBGYN-DNP, with a master’s degree in health education and promotion from Columbia University, a certified lactation counsellor and a certified Ayurvedic postpartum doula. I am also a mother of two young babies!

I'm an expert in holding space for healing and transformation, in pregnancy and postpartum and I typically work with families who are entering their first postpartum or had challenging experiences previously, which they do not want to repeat in their next pregnancy.

My mission is to change the narrative around postpartum and parenthood-showcasing that it can be beautiful, expansive, transformational, and healing. And I celebrate being able to create meaningful relationships with my clients and watch them up-level their life. 

"After the birth of our first child, my partner and I found ourselves struggling to communicate effectively and felt distant in our relationship. Working with Serena was a turning point for us. She provided us with practical advice on how to manage the new stresses and responsibilities of parenthood, and helped us find ways to reconnect emotionally and physically. We left each session feeling more understood and supported by each other. It’s truly transformed our relationship and made us stronger as a couple and as parents. We can't recommend these sessions highly enough to any couple navigating this beautiful, yet challenging, time of life."


Beth and Michael

"Working with Serena has undoubtedly changed my entire life. Not only has she helped me heal my adrenal fatigue and postpartum anxiety, she’s has helped me realize my bigger dreams as a mom!."



HSA and FSA Eligible 

Three 60 Minute Sessions


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Six 60 Minute Sessions


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