The Secret to Thriving After Childbirth

How to Reset Your Reality From Chaos to Peace.



Having a baby is one of the greatest joys and blessings of life! But there are critical pieces missing from standard postpartum care, which can leave new parents feeling unprepared, defeated, and overwhelmed.

What really helps you “bounce back” after birth? This free masterclass will teach you a wildly different approach to postpartum care so that you can thrive as a confident mother!


How to heal after birth, regardless of whether you have a vaginal birth, C-Section, or a 48-hour marathon of labor.

What you really need to know to successfully embody postpartum recovery, newborn sleep, and breastfeeding.

How to use the power of postpartum to create the most abundant version of your life!

About Dr. Rosa

Before my baby was born, I was able to “control” almost every outcome in my life.

I wanted to live in New York City, and I found a way to make it happen. I wanted to become a doctor, and I found a way to make it happen. If I wanted an absurdly expensive pair of shoes, I would find a way to make it happen! I learned that if I worked hard enough and dedicated myself completely, I could achieve it.

So when I became pregnant, my “strategy” for postpartum was similar to everything else that had up to that point, brought my success-  just hustle my way through it when the baby arrives. Plus, as an OBGYN Nurse Practitioner and a certified lactation counselor I felt 100% prepared for life as a new mom.

But during my postpartum period, my “work hard, play hard” motto and mindset failed me. And I could not understand why no matter how hard I tried or how prepared I was, my postpartum expectations were not meeting my reality.

Breastfeeding was difficult, my baby was not sleeping, I didn’t know how to heal my body, and, like for many people- postpartum brought up many of my life traumas that I had pushed deep inside of myself and never faced. All of it threw me into a spiral of not-enoughness and crushing feelings of defeat. 

On top of my personal sadness, I felt anger when I discovered the harsh reality that everything I had been teaching my own patients was wrong, and that the medical system holds no space for postpartum support. 

I looked at my pain. I felt my anger. I allowed my trauma to come up. I awakened a whisper that needed to be turned into a roar. And I used the incredible power of the feminine to destroy everything that was no longer serving me.

 And with that, my life had so much space for newness. 

Here’s what happened: 

  • 3 months postpartum, I felt the courage to ask for a raise at work the first day back from maternity leave. Not only did I get the raise, I got a promotion too.
  • 10 months postpartum, I launched The Postpartum Doctor LCC, and created a trademarked mentorship
  • 15 months postpartum, I married the love of my life in Ravello, Amalfi Coast, my dream wedding come true
  • 18 months postpartum I purchased a home and moved into a single-family home in Boston
  • 22 months postpartum, I became a doctor. I published research on postpartum healing through a mindfulness perspective
  • 28 months postpartum, I became faculty at a university
  • 30 months postpartum, I left my clinical job, and my business started earning more than my corporate salary.


Today I am feeling stronger than ever, I have more self- love, self-forgiveness, and self-trust than I have ever had before.

And of everything that I have accomplished in my postpartum, it’s not the degrees I completed, the scientific articles I published, or becoming a doctor that I am most proud of.

I am most proud of the fact that after my son was born, I did my inner work. I healed decades of pain, trauma, anger, and I traded it with self-forgiveness and compassion. Doing that was harder than my Ivy League education.  

But it changed the way I lived, and it changed the way I get to experience my life.

Becoming a mother made me understand that I co-create my life in connection with something greater than me. 

And you too co-create your life in connection with something much greater than you. Each one of you has a soul who wants to experience life through you. And maybe you have already felt that activation in meditation, in nature, or on a walk.

I felt it when I became a mother.

When I looked into my son’s eyes, they reflected the universe to me.

This was my rebirth. 

I want to activate you to have yours too.

Are you with me?



ad: The time period of someone’s life, after they have given birth and the experience of matrescence- a physical, emotional, hormonal and social transition to a new life.

Nothing motivates you more to become the best version of yourself like your children do.


After supporting hundreds of mothers to heal their birth experience, learn the practical tools for motherhood that make everything easier, and discover who they’ve now become, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re feeling anxious about the future, let down by the free/ one size fits all standard postpartum care, or nervous about being able to handle all the new changes with a newborn, this training is a must-watch for you.

I’d love to share my insights with you on this live training together.

Are you ready for your rebirth?