Postpartum Of Ease Mentorship 

Transform the way you heal after childbirth.

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An elite and transformative hybrid group and 1:1 mentorship program, created through a unique methodology which has been able to support hundreds of clients achieve their postpartum transformation.

My clients often come to me because they want to learn how to breastfeed, help their baby sleep through the night, or lose the “baby weight”. Sometimes they come to me for a birthing plan, or a plan on how to go back to work.

I listen.

And 10/10 times, struggling to breastfeed, not being able to sleep through the night, not feeling a lot of dread about the prospect of going back to work, all of these things are just symptoms.

Because just solving the breastfeeding issue is not going to actually create the feeling you desire. Just losing the weight is not the complete solution to getting you to the feeling you desire.

Something else then may come along (weaning, teething, sleep regression, etc.) and until you shift and feel safe as a mother and know that your being is fully supporting your child, even when things are not perfect, you will continue to feel the symptoms of your underlying, root cause.

So, what is at the root of these symptoms?


When you are experiencing scarcity, feeling abundance around you can be incredibly difficult.

After childbirth, the postpartum body commonly falls into scarcity from a lack of sleep, lack of support, and from the various degrees of trauma that occur with childbirth and postpartum.

While the mindset industry is telling us that we are fully responsible for our thoughts, the truth is that it is our environment that will determine our thoughts/beliefs/mindset. 

And therefore, if your body is in a state of depletion, it's understandable that scarcity and feelings of "not enoughness" is going to be where your body will default.  But it's important to avoid gaslighting yourself by pushing through or ignoring what your thoughts and body are wanting to communicate.

The Postpartum of Ease Mentorship™ (POEM) is designed to prevent and heal depletion with a unique methodology and, as a result, you will experience less scarcity, more confidence, and create ease in your environment. 

These 4 pillars in POEM's Methodology create radical client results!

The curriculum comes from my 10 years of OBGYN experience and is presented in an extremely simple and non-overwhelming way so that you can ACTUALLY absorb what you learn and put it into practice.

BUT the best part is that you get my personalized support along the way because I don’t believe in the one size fits all model of pregnancy and postpartum care!

I support you through what YOU need!


Closure - Releasing What No Longer Serves You

  • Learning how to “Mother” Yourself
  • Letting Go of The Old, Creating The New
  • Healing Flight and Fight, Grounding in Peace and Ease and Regulating Adrenal Fatigue
  • Trauma Release Exercises


Mastering the Strategy for Newborn Care

  • Releasing Fear Around Labor And Delivery
  • Breathing, pushing and labor and Delivery Hypnosis
  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Guide to Postpartum Healing
  • Gentle Newborn Sleep
  • Breastfeeding Foundations
  • Functional medicine for postpartum recovery


Stepping into the Parent You Want to Be

  • How to call in more time, money and energy into your life
  • Sex Rooted in Desire, Pleasure & Connection.
  • Neurosculpting and Evidence-Based Mindfulness Practices for Increasing Confidence
  • Shifting Out Of Emotional Eating and Yo Yo Dieting


Finding Rest and Ease in Your Life

  • Productive Parenting, How to Release Anxiety Around Time
  • Restorative Yoga For Healing Your Body
  • Surrendering To Your Manifestations
  • Becoming Stability

We're meant to experience pregnancy and birth in community. So the three valuesof POEM are:

What makes our approach different...


With 10 years of OBGYN experience, I've create the EASE Method that considers the 4 key elements that are vital to heal after childbirth.


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POEM is for you if you are craving the following during pregnancy and after birth: 

  • Adequate time for rest and recovery 
  • A body that feels strong and healthy 
  • A deep and supportive connection with your partner 
  • A strong sense of purpose 
  • To be present and joyful in your child’s life 
  • Opportunities to travel, enjoy arts and culture, and savor family time
  • Financial abundance for personal pursuits
  • Release inner traumas so you can parent with confidence
  • Practice self-care and self-compassion
  • Implement evidence-based mindfulness practices
  • Nourish yourself and balance your hormones
  • Feel confident and take the fear out of labor and delivery
  • Family harmony and peace
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