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Masterclass- REBIRTH 

This free masterclass is designed to provide you with useful tools, deep understanding, and real support for your journey through postpartum healing and personal development in motherhood. You will gain valuable knowledge that will motivate and direct you towards thriving in all areas of your maternal experience, enhancing your journey into motherhood.


The Postpartum Of Ease Mentorship (POEM)

Pregnancy is a huge journey of preparation, followed by a huge journey of adaptation. This comprehensive 12-week hybrid mentorship program offers all the essential resources and guidance you need for postpartum recovery, helping you to rediscover confidence and joy in your journey into motherhood.


Expecting Together 

A comprehensive 8-week birth and postpartum preparation program that is designed to enhance communication and bolster mutual support within your partnership so that you can navigate the challenges and changes of parenthood with confidence. By participating, you'll strengthen your bond as a couple, grow as individuals, and provide the best possible environment for your new baby's development and well-being.


Private Mentorship

The private One-on-One Mentorship with Dr. Rosa offers personalized, comprehensive support tailored to the unique journey of each client. It includes private consultations, customized care plans, direct and priority access to Dr. Rosa, an exclusive resource library, and ongoing support through regular check-ins, ensuring a nurturing and informed transition into parenthood and beyond.


Pregnancy & Postpartum  1:1 Couple's Sessions

Empowering your journey through parenthood, relationships, and intimacy, so that you can spend more time resting, healing and bonding with each other. These powerful private sessions will change the trajectory of your postpartum experience!